The Mystery Behind Failing Businesses in NZ

New Zealand is a lucrative place to start a business. However, not all businesses successfully thrive after they have been established. According to statistics, 75% of businesses in the country fail within the first five years. In reality, common mistakes such as mismanagement and under-funding make many businesses fail before they even hit the ground. With the fast-growing pace of many businesses in New Zealand, no one wants to be left behind. In order to give your business a fighting chance, you should avoid these start-up mishaps:

Do not grow too fast

Companies that are as big as Beakon also desired expansion when they were first established but they experienced systematic growth. When you first establish a business, you will face the constant pressure to grow and expand. Without setting realistic goals, you may overextend your business financially and face extra costs that you had not planned for. This will make any business suffer in the long run.

Stop ignoring your finances

Most of the time, entrepreneurs are too busy focusing on how the business would expand that they do not pay strict attention to finances. Ignoring your financial expenses will make your business unmanageable especially because it will be hard to keep a record of the money that has been saved and what has been spent. Business owners will really find it hard to monitor progress. This may also lead to overspending as you may possibly take on too much debt before the business cash flow is solid. It’s always best to seek the advice of renowned business veteran before making big expenditures.

Location, Location, Location!

The poor choice of location may make your New Zealand business fail. If you place your business in a location that is not friendly, it will not thrive.Therefore, ensure that you conduct exhaustive research on the best areas to place your business. You should always consider the businesses that are located near your as they will be your competition. The place should be highly accessible. Areas that are well served with freeways and public transportation will expose your business to many more people which will enable you to gain many more customers in turn.

Do not fail to change with the times

Most businesses fail to recognize the opportunities that are right before them. The most successful businesses are flexible enough to adapt to changing times. Entrepreneurs should always wear different hats at all times. This way, they can easily develop new areas of expertise every time.

You probably underestimated the competition

Businesses that underestimate their competition often ends up behind them. If you cannot do everything to secure customers and keep their loyalty, your competition will.


Unfortunately, many startups always take the most important business factors for granted. In a world where the smallest move could make or break you, it is important to tread cautiously. If businesses put all these factors under consideration, there wouldn’t be many failing businesses in New Zealand.