“Us” or “We” or “Our” refers to Beakon
“You” refers to yourself or the customer.
“Head Office” refers to Beakon’s relevant office overseas.

By purchasing from Us, you agree, understand and accept the following:

General Information:

1. Beakon products are used for business use.
2. Beakon products require a reasonable degree of technical knowledge.
3. Beakon products must be regularly cleaned for cash counters.
4. Beakon products must be used in accordance with guidelines as prescribed by Beakon.NZ (also known as Beakon.co.nz)

Additional Information:

1. Beakon products must be repaired in accordance to guidelines given as prescribed by us
2. Even when using Beakon products in accordance with guidelines, it is possible that your products may experience issues. Where there is an issue, or issues, caused by any reason; you agree to take full responsibility. This includes but is not limited to: repair costs, spare parts, labour, etc.
3. Beakon does not guarantee the provision or the uninterrupted or error-free operation of any services, tracking and/or software.
4. You must regularly clean your cash counter device and store in a dust-free environment.
5. Specifications provided buy Us Z are to the best of its knowledge based on information given by suppliers. By using Beakon, you hold it harmless for any direct and/or indirect liability.
6. You understand that such devices are complex in their nature and require a technical level of ability. You also understand that certain actions, may cause damage to the device, whether or not they have been specified as allowed or not by Beakon or any of its representatives. In any case, you accept responsibility for the cost, labour and efforts in maintaining and repairing your device.
7. Read the user manual first or obtain this from the official Beakon website if you do not have one.
8. Instructions and the use of the product must be followed precisely as given in accordance to instructions and/or guidelines.
9. You must ensure that you are a capable user of the product and follow all instructions in the use of the product. This also includes instructions available on the manufacturer’s website.
10. You must regularly back up your work as this is entirely your responsibility – any loss of data or issues in this respect you take full responsibility for.
11. We will not be responsible for any damage caused to a device or by a device.
12. Keep the device’s original packaging. In case the device needs to be returned for repair, original packaging provides a better protection for the product during transportation.
13. Beakon devices are sold with the expectation that the customer is responsible for parts, servicing, repair.
14. The Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply if the device is bought by a business (regardless of entity structure) or may be used for business and/or commercial purposes
15. The warranty for the product is defined as 30 calendar days from the date of purchase.
16. The warranty provided covers for a fault that would cause the device not to be working upon arrival. In essence, it is a very limited dead on arrival warranty.
17. The warranty does not cover user faults, power surges, electrical failures, etc.
18. As per the warranty procedure, the device will typically be repaired first. Any replacements granted are at the sole discretion of us.
19. In the event of a warranty claim, the device must be delivered to an address of our choosing within New Zealand, at the customer’s cost. It will incur a minimum $50+GST assessment fee payable immediately. The customer is also required to pay the return freight back to us or our nominated representative. If the issue is not covered by the warranty provided, then the customer still needs to pay the assessment fee and return freight. The device may be disposed of with no recourse if the assessment fee and return freight is not paid within 15 working days.
20. Beakon is to never be used and relied upon to locate or track possessions and/or personnel for any matter including (but not limited to) security, safety and/or health reasons (or any similar matter). It is not able to provide services that are 1. Error-free, 2. Uninterrupted, 3. Nationwide.
21. Where Beakon or its associates disclose personal information to third parties located outside New Zealand, you expressly agree to this and acknowledge that they may be located in a jurisdictions that may not have comparable data protection laws to those in New Zealand.