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For just $367, Beakon provides NZ's easiest to use money cash counters for coins & notes. Works with both old and new NZ Dollar notes & coins

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Money cash counter for counting notes

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By using a money cash counter, you can rapidly count money bags, tills, floats, coupons and more. Cash counting by hand often takes close to an hour for most businesses, but with cash counting unit you can quickly count your whole till in as quick as 2 or 3 minutes. They are easy to use, calibrated for NZ notes and coins out of the box, and can work with a battery or plugging into your wall socket. Our cash counters are used by many major NZ businesses have a six month warranty to ensure the unit is working on receipt, and full instructions so you can easily get it working!​


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  • Up to 90% Cheaper
    Cheaper than our competition, who are trying to charge $1400+ for this product

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  • High quality products from a reliable NZ supplier
    Suitable for events, stores, hospitality, retail and more.

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