General Questions

Can I view the speed of the vehicles?

Yes, the GPS system will calculate the speed of the vehicle approximately every 30 seconds.

Is the unit visible?

No. The unit can easily be hidden underneath the dash or behind the radio unit of most vehicles. All antennas needed are built in to the unit.

However if you would like the unit to be visible, it can be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle.

How often is the system updated? Is it real time?

The system is updated approximately every 30-60 seconds. That is very quick. This is some of the fastest updating in the country for any GPS tracking service.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No. You can pay month to month. We don’t force you into long term plans.

However most of our clients take advantage of our annual plan which is 12 months at a discounted rate.


Yes, for the device to function properly, it will need to be in an area with GSM cellphone signal. If it goes off road briefly when driving in to a rural area, the device can try to report some of the data when it’s back in coverage. This is very limited however.

Do reports show which streets/roads the vehicles were stopped on?


Will my staff know that I am GPS tracking them?

Not necessarily. The unit is quite discreet and undetectable.

You can of course tell your staff that you are tracking them, or make the unit visible (install it on the dashboard) if that is your choice.

Does the system work for trucks, cars, and vans?

Yes. All of the above.

Installation Questions

Can you install nationwide?

Yes. We have installers in 10 different locations throughout the North and South Island. In many cases we can come to your location (mobile install) or in other cases you can come to our appointed workshop.

If we don’t have an installer, you can install the unit yourself if you are confident, or find a local auto electrician or car audio installer in your area.


No. Unlike our competitors, we provide you with a sim card for free. The cost of data is already included in our prices.

Can I install the unit myself?

If you are confident, you can.


Feature Questions

Can I see more than one vehicle on the live map?

Yes, you can load up to 100 vehicles.

Can I see when vehicles are stopped or parked up? (To see if drivers are wasting time, or to calculate how long they are at a site/job for?)

Yes, where the vehicle is stopped for about 5 minutes or longer, you will see it recorded as Stopped on the report.

How can I view the vehicles? Do I need any particular software?

The software is web-based so there is no need to download any software. We do recommend using Google Chrome.

Can I view the GPS tracking system on my mobile?

Yes, most smart phones can do this. Simply log into the tracking URL we will give you when you sign up with us, on your phone.

Can I see a history of my vehicles and where they traveled on the map?

Yes. The system will be able to show you where the vehicles traveled on a map.

Can names be set for every vehicle?

Yes, names can be given for each vehicle.

Does the system offer Geo-Zoning (e.g. alerts when travelling inside and outside a zone, or going off track)