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Things to Look Out For A Vehicle GPS Trackers

In the modern world, fleet management GPS trackers seem to come in all shapes and sizes. Usually, the choices that are available in the market make it hard to purchase these trackers without making mistakes.

While it may be hard to accurately compare different tracking solutions, there are things to look out for in a vehicle GPS trackers that will ensure you make the right purchasing decision. These factors will enable you to save time and avoid choosing a tracking system based on price alone as this could be more expensive in the long run.

The Provider of GPS Trackers

There are many providers of GPS trackers that are trying to conquer the existing market. However, their products may not be the best.

As an employer, you do not want to be left with a system that is not working appropriately and is not supported. It is important to find out if the vendor is well-known in the industry. Providers of GPS trackers like Beakon have the reputability that you are seeking. Always go for providers that are well-known in the industry. Companies that are showing rapid growth also prove to be promising. Ensure that the provider that you purchase from has good references to back them up.

Cheap or expensive GPS trackers are not necessarily the best. Most times, reputability is everything.


Vehicle GPS trackers that easily integrate with a number of other applications are the best for your growing business. As your business grows, it is important for all applications to work at the same level to minimize errors and maximize information sharing.

For example, if the information on driving hours is linked with the payroll, the two systems that issue out different information should work together flawlessly. If a GPS tracking system is stand-alone for your vehicles only, it may not meet all your needs.


A vehicle GPS tracking system that doesn’t have scalability, it might work fine for 60 vehicles but will struggle if 100 more vehicles are added for tracking. The system should be rigorously tested with a large fleet of vehicles and easily cope as the size expands. Every fleet changes over time, therefore, the tracking system should be able to accommodate changing demands.


GPS trackers should not be relying on another company for its core functionality. While single providers like Breakon have proven successful, some build their tracking systems around a Google Maps API. Often, this becomes a single point of failure if Google Maps decides to change policies that govern how data should be used. Always find out the source of mapping data that your GPS tracking system provider uses and ensure that is dependable for long-term use.

When purchasing vehicle GPS trackers, most employers only focus on the value for money and fail to look out for all of these factors. If a GPS system provider does not lack in any of these factors, they will simply your decision-making process and guarantee that you will have a reliable system in your hands.

winning business

Smart Strategies For a Winning Business in New Zealand

New Zealand is the most lucrative place to have a business. It has all kinds of entrepreneurs including car washing business to restaurateurs. However, the difference between a business that does not succeed and a winning business is as clear as night and day.

Ensuring that your business has specific, measurable, attainable and relevant goal is the way to ensure that you have a winning business. Beakon is an example of a lucrative business. The business margin in New Zealand does not really allow for failures. However, defining strategy can make your business from the ground up or equally break it.

A winning business evaluates and re-evaluates

Evaluation will ensure that you only set successful goals for your business. Re-evaluation gives business owners a chance to re-strategise and reconsider what they would have done better in failing circumstances.

A winning business rely on effective strategies

Developing effective strategies ensures that the most useful business insight is gained.
Companies like Beakon have a winning reputation takes integrity. However, integrity also comes with maintaining faith and vision. Many winning businesses sell because of their vision-usually, that is what their customers buy into.

A winning business has integrity

Integrity when dealing with customers will test you on how to deal with real challenging situations. Even so, business goes beyond this. If you have a great client relationship, you will build lasting connections and it won’t have to feel like you are only conducting a business transaction.

A winning business is patient

Repeat clients are known to make a business really successful. On the other hand, patience is both a good and a bad thing in business. This is due to the reason that too much patience does not push an organisation to its full potential while too little may not push your goal through.

A winning business has reliable partners

There is a big difference between a business franchise and one that is partner-oriented. Partners motivate each other to go the extra mile and work really hard.

A winning business’ plan is flexible

Most businesses in New Zealand require time and patience. The only way to achieve success is to make a flexible plan. Many times, bold moves are needed in order to achieve the unachievable.

A winning business can leverage

It’s important for business to delegate and outsource help, not only to make work easier but also to work as a team. Running a business is not a one man’s job; you will need all the help that you can get.

A winning business is made up of learners

You may want to know what other successful business around you are doing in order to thrive. Learning from the rest means that you get the best of both worlds, your own and advice from the rest.

Having a winning business means that you will have you to blaze your own trail. There are no career guides or counselors to see you through. However, it’s easy for your business to succeed in New Zealand with these tips and tricks.

The Mystery Behind Failing Businesses in NZ

New Zealand is a lucrative place to start a business. However, not all businesses successfully thrive after they have been established. According to statistics, 75% of businesses in the country fail within the first five years. In reality, common mistakes such as mismanagement and under-funding make many businesses fail before they even hit the ground. With the fast-growing pace of many businesses in New Zealand, no one wants to be left behind. In order to give your business a fighting chance, you should avoid these start-up mishaps:

Do not grow too fast

Companies that are as big as Beakon also desired expansion when they were first established but they experienced systematic growth. When you first establish a business, you will face the constant pressure to grow and expand. Without setting realistic goals, you may overextend your business financially and face extra costs that you had not planned for. This will make any business suffer in the long run.

Stop ignoring your finances

Most of the time, entrepreneurs are too busy focusing on how the business would expand that they do not pay strict attention to finances. Ignoring your financial expenses will make your business unmanageable especially because it will be hard to keep a record of the money that has been saved and what has been spent. Business owners will really find it hard to monitor progress. This may also lead to overspending as you may possibly take on too much debt before the business cash flow is solid. It’s always best to seek the advice of renowned business veteran before making big expenditures.

Location, Location, Location!

The poor choice of location may make your New Zealand business fail. If you place your business in a location that is not friendly, it will not thrive.Therefore, ensure that you conduct exhaustive research on the best areas to place your business. You should always consider the businesses that are located near your as they will be your competition. The place should be highly accessible. Areas that are well served with freeways and public transportation will expose your business to many more people which will enable you to gain many more customers in turn.

Do not fail to change with the times

Most businesses fail to recognize the opportunities that are right before them. The most successful businesses are flexible enough to adapt to changing times. Entrepreneurs should always wear different hats at all times. This way, they can easily develop new areas of expertise every time.

You probably underestimated the competition

Businesses that underestimate their competition often ends up behind them. If you cannot do everything to secure customers and keep their loyalty, your competition will.


Unfortunately, many startups always take the most important business factors for granted. In a world where the smallest move could make or break you, it is important to tread cautiously. If businesses put all these factors under consideration, there wouldn’t be many failing businesses in New Zealand.