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GPS Vehicle trackers

How to Introduce GPS Vehicle Trackers to Employees

GPS vehicle trackers are technology devices that have taken the world by storm for years on end. With so many providers, employers should only go for the best in order to get good returns on investment.

Show the benefits of using GPS vehicle trackers

There are so many reasons as to why you should implement Beakon Vehicle GPS trackers in your professional fleet of cars. If your employees have been under-productive lately or if you have been experiencing financial losses on account of your automobiles, it is time to plan smart. However, in order to getyour employees to embrace the tracking systems, rather than making them feel overwhelmed, employers should use a positive standpoint to showcase how the
trackers will be advantageous in carrying out all of their daily tasks.

Highlight how GPS vehicle trackers can protect them

As most employees value safety and security, GPS tracking systems will ensure that
their whereabouts are always accounted for. Good employees do not have a problem
with accountability, especially if it works in their favour. This will set productive
employees apart from the rest. The use of GPS trackers is a sure way to reduce
tendencies of distrust and introduce change in a more acceptable way. As change is
always accelerating as technology gets better, your employees should be able to easily
understand that it is not always a bad thing.

The benefits of using Beakon vehicle GPS trackers are limitless. If your employees
know the statistics behind the successful use of such trackers, they are most likely to
accept the technology openly. Giving real-life examples of companies that benefited
from the GPs systems will motivate the employees not to be swayed by the new
changes and to always stay on track with high productivity. The vehicle drivers will also be well-protected in the case of alleged accidents. The GPS trackers will pr
ove their exact locations in case any accidents occur on the road.

Offer incentives for employees using GPS vehicle trackers

Offering incentives may be the best way for employees to understand change. Good
drivers may be will compensate by the use of tips. However, before mentioning any types of incentives, be sure to know that the company can afford extra hand-outs.
Employers should not give false hopes to their staff members. Training is the ultimate way to ensure that all employees will have first-hand interaction with the GPs trackers.

Answer their questions

During the training process, employers should always seek mutually acceptable solutions as far as the implementation of the GPS trackers is concerned. Open answer and question forums during the training sessions will address all the concerns that may result from the employees.

It is no secret that the new vehicle GPS trackers were an investment that will help you
cut back on any encountered losses. Therefore, systematically introducing the GPs
system and focusing on its benefits is the best way to get through to all of the staff members.

Establish and maintain good relationships

Usually, managers who build good relationships with their employees have
better chances of getting through to them. Always expect a good level of resistance but
if you choose to employ good understanding, the process will be simpler for all the
concerned parties.

GPS Tracking Systems

Advantages of GPS Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems are new advancements in technology that have been able to change the world as we once knew it. In New Zealand, GPS tracking system providers such as Beakon are
well-known and appreciated for the greatest devices. An ideal business is mostly run on faster
services, quicker deliveries and timely shipment tracking. While this has proven impossible in
the past, these trackers have come with benefits that are truly immeasurable. The use of such
simple and efficient gadgets has offered readily available solutions for most businesses in New

The following are the benefits that you can expect when you use a GPS tracking systems:

GPS tracking systems keep you safe

Good GPS tracking systems generally allows for proper maintenance schedules. In case the fleet
requires oil changes and fire rotations, the GPS tracking system will clearly point this out. Ultimately, this will result in greater maintenance of the vehicles and trucks and, the implementation of extra safety measures. Security also plays a big role in identifying where the
vehicles are at all times. Employers can easily keep up with the location of their vehicles at all times.

GPS tracking systems minimise fuel costs

As many expenses go into ensuring that company vehicles are well fuelled for the task ahead, minimised fuel costs are a welcome relief. Even though it may be hard to control the price of
gas, the use of Beakon GPS trackers will be able to eliminate all instances of vehicle idling,
over spilling and even cases of unwanted usage of cars. Cutting down costs by saving fuel money for an entire year will be a source of great revenue for the company. Many businesses in New
Zealand use vehicle GPS Tracking System to maximise profitability.

GPS tracking systems protect your vehicle from theft

Most employers often use GPS Tracker to ensure that their fleet of vehicles is safe all times. As
vehicle theft grows rampantly by the hour, the comfort in getting notifications that will enable
employers to know of a particular vehicle has been stolen enables them to recover it quickly.

GPS tracking systems help increase productivity

GPS Trackers are efficient devices especially if many divers have been slacking during work hours. As the devices are able to track all work hours, employees will inevitability become more productive. Good trackers keep tabs on all the drivers at all times. Thus, employers can be sure
that all work hours are being maximised.

GPS tracking systems help reduce insurance costs

Insurance costs may prove really hefty at the end of every month. However, with a GPS tracker,
insurance providers are known to give discounts of up to 35 %. This means that the company can save a lot of money and still ensure safety. This also optimises finances and enables better budget preparations. GPS tracking is currently becoming the industry standard for any business that has a fleet of vehicles, therefore, all employees should get used to it. This is the only way not to put your
business at risk. Making the most of the benefits that come with GPS tracking will ensure that
many businesses succeed.

GPS Trackers

8 Things About GPS Trackers That You Did Not Know

GPS tracking systems have caused a lot of uproar inthe modern professional industry. Referred to as GPS trackers, tracking devices, technology and solutions; these devices are advantageous to many businesses. Here are 8 things about GPS trackers that you did not know!

GPS trackers are compact

GPS trackers come in variable shapes and sizes. They are often lightweight and hardly bulky. Vehicle GPS trackers are easy to fit on the car’s dashboard. However, hardwired GPS trackers are fixed onto a car’s electrical system and the driver cannot be aware of its existence.

GPS trackers prevent theft

In the past, you may have been endlessly worried about the security of your fleet of vehicles. In case an unauthorised person tries to access any of your company vehicles or moves it outside a designated zone, the tracker’s alarm sound will go off. As most car thieves often try to hotwire a vehicle, the tracker will send an notification to your call phone after which you can immediately log on to you. In case an unauthorised person tries to break into your car, the tracker will send a notification to your smartphone or computer to activate the ignition disable switch to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

GPS trackers can be customised

Vehicle GPS trackers can be customised to meet the needs of your businesses. As a company owner, you can be able to set speed thresholds and maintain logs even if the vehicles are out of reach. GPS trackers also set up fuel sensors and allow for wisdom mapping to ensure that the needs of all your businesses are met. These trackers also monitor activities and refer to personal or fleet route reports at any point in time.

GPS trackers give live feeds

If you choose to use a GPS system to monitor your fleet of vehicles, GPS trackers will offer a two way communication. They are the best devices for fleet management as they offer constant surveillance capabilities and ensures that drivers and employees are focused constant surveillance.

GPS trackers are not expensive

Many company owners have misconceptions about the affordability of GPS trackers. Due to the fact that these trackers have a constantly increasing demand, they are currently available in various budgets to suit individuals as well as organisations.

GPS trackers work from anywhere on earth

GPS trackers are not location dependent. It does not matter where you are tracking your fleet of vehicles from, they allow fast and reliable tracking from anywhere within the planet. Most remote business owner fail to invest in tracking solutions because of mis
conceptions about their working capabilities but these devices do not have any restrictions.

GPS trackers are your bet against false claims

There are many instances where vehicle drivers get accused of traffic incidents. As GPS trackers monitor locations at all times, the history logs will act as proof against false claims.

GPS trackers help to reduce insurance costs

If your company has been paying a lot of insurance, it is time to put the excessive money into good use. Good GPS trackers account for generous discounts for companies that are covered by insurance policies.

In a world that is struggling to meet changing demands, companies like Beakon are investing heavily on the provision of the best vehicle GPS trackers. If you cannot pass up these advantages and features, ensure you get a fleet management tracking solution for your company.

How a Car GPs System Can Be Used To Track Bad Credit

There is nothing worse than existing in a world where you can be easily tracked and no matter where you go, it’s like something or someone is always lurking over your shoulder. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you have a history of bad credit. With modern technology, many breakthrough companies like Beakon have been known to invent vehicles GPS tracking systems that can easily keep tabs on individuals with bad credit history. This only means that your car may come with something a little extra. If you do not pay your credit in time, the car dealer may set off annoying noses inside your car or even go as far as shutting it down.

While this has been considered going overboard by many car owners, most dealers have a hard time setting respectable agreements on individual credit terms. Therefore, Beakon GPS tracking systems have taken things a notch higher. Vehicle GPS tracking is not a new technology. On the contrary, it has been around for decades. However, the new modifications are highly appreciated. Vehicle GPS tracking comes with the following advantages:

® The improvement of driving habits

Most diverse often ignore the long term damage that vehicles accumulate. Tracking can be used to monitor the habits of the driver which will make it easy to spot bad driving habits. This has motivated many companies to use vehicle GPS tracking systems in order to encourage employees to take care of company properly.

® Lesser occurrence of accidents

According to research, a GPS tracking system makes drivers feel like they are being watched. When drivers are more self-aware, lesser accidents occur on the roads. Decreasing risks behind the wheel makes GPS trackers the most important technology devices as they prevent the many lives are lost through road accidents.

® GPS trackers make it easy to keep tabs on cars

Regardless of whether you are an employee or a personal car owner, keeping tabs on your car at all times is very comforting. You will always be more in touch with business options and have greater control on your personal assets.

AsGPS trackers offer all the above benefits, it is quite easy to render a car useless when the driver does not maintain a good payment schedule. Unfortunately, risky buyers go a step further to remove the trackers from their cars. While this may be possible in some instances, it is almost impossible to do. The best way for car dealers to install a GPS tracker in a car is to do it discretely. This is the safest way to ensure that customers do not tamper with them. There is no law against this.On the hindsight, using GPs trackers as protection from customers with bad credit is very reasonable. In such a lousy economy, incurring unnecessary losses is a risk that mostof us are not willing to take. Some dealers often decide to let their customers know about the existence of GPS trackers and later on ask them to decide if they are comfortable with the devices. Customers with a history of bad credit may not necessarily want to get tracked. Regardless of whether you are a dealer or a customer, GPs vehicle trackers come with many advantages for both parties. While car dealers are able to secure their automobiles, lenders will be able to improve their portfolio performance and price loans in a competitive ways.

Companies such as Beakon that deal with the provision of GPS tracking devices have offered security beyond measure. With the possibility of car tracking systems keeping tabs on bad lenders has become easier than it ever was.

Business GPS Tracking Systems

The well-known Misconceptions:

GPS trackers are modern technology devices that make it easy for you to tell the location of a person or an object. Apart from use in common ventures, GPS trackers are used for monitoring business practices. Many entrepreneurs in New Zealand have adapted this kind of security measure to ensure that all business processes and transactions are done accordingly.

There are many types of GPS tracking systems. GPS loggers are a form of GPS tracking system that used to record information that would be retrieved at a later date. In New Zealand business, this is great for record keeping purposes. Personal GPS trackers are used to keep tabs on company phones and also come in handy for emergency business situations.

Even though GPS trackers are essential for many businesses, there are many misconceptions about them. Here are a few misconceptions that are related to the use of GPS tracking systems in business management:

  • There is no need for GPS tracking because your employees are trustworthy

Granted, trust is fundamental in any business. However, most employers feel that the use of GPS trackers may break the trust that they share with their employers if they decide to monitor them. However, GPS tracking is used for reducing operational costs thus growing the business. It is handy in dispatching, routing and communication processes, not only employee monitoring processes.

  • GPS tracking is an unnecessary task

The most successful way to run a business is by keeping track of all business processes. Tracking your transaction and fleets using your cell phone is no longer enough. In fact, this is an inefficient method of business management as cell phones can be turned off at any time. On the other hand, GPS trackers will give you real-time location status, engine status and even the history of fuel consumption.

  • All GPS trackers are the same, the manufacturer does not matter

The choice of GPS tracking system is very important. On the contrary, all GPS trackers are not the same. They have different functioning abilities and some may work better for your business than others. If you choose the right business tracker, you will be able to transform your business both in the long term and the short term.

  • GPS trackers aretoo expensive.

GPS tracking systems are expensive hardware because they require use in each and every place and/or business vehicle. This system may cost your business hundreds of thousands a month. However, this is a worthy investment because it will save you overtime costs, fuel expenses and reduced maintenance.

Many New Zealand businesses may not be thriving because owners have not found a way to embrace GPS technology. Despite many misconceptions, GPS trackers are the real deal if you want your business to thrive. Maybe it’s time to invest in one.

Clearing Up the Confusion About GPS Tracking Solutions

GPS tracking has become a huge part of business technology services that people can use on a regular basis. However, many are concerned these days over how GPS tracking works and if it’s really a viable solution for businesses to use these days. This especially comes how businesses are always reluctant to spend money on anything new to work with in any case.

Here are a few important points about GPS systems that should be understood carefully. These are especially important for businesses that rely on the use of vehicles and shipments.

Fuel Costs Are Down

GPS tracking systems help to identify potential routes that vehicles, shipping services and other items that have to travel will go in the best and most fuel-efficient routes possible. This is to ensure that items are capable of actually moving to their destinations without being at risk of being lost. This may also help in identifying problem areas like construction sites or heavy traffic areas where an excess amount of fuel may be used.

It’s Not Hard To Use

Today’s GPS devices are very easy to install and set up on any vehicle or other device. In addition, it only takes a few moments to read the information on a tracking device. GPS devices can work with easy to use software programs that can keep tabs on where a device is, its history and so forth.

What About the Cost?

It is not unusual for businesses to become worried about how much money it might cost for businesses to use GPS tracking systems. Typical tracking services can cost a few dollars per month although the potential to pay more than fifty dollars per month will be extremely unlikely. This means that the potential for a business to spend far too much will be unlikely.

Enforce Efficiency

While many use GPS solutions with the intention of tracking shipments and other items, there is an even more important process that is used here. GPS solutions are often used with the intention of tracking items as they are moved around. This can be easy to follow with when used right to keep a setup running with care.

Link Up To More Computers

It’s very easy for a GPS setup to work well with a computer. Today’s computers can link up to GPS devices through Wi-Fi signals. This in turn makes it easier for people to keep track of how well data is being used. GPS devices can link up to a receiver through a Wi-Fi connection in that the signals from the device will be read by GPS satellites and then relayed back to a receiver. This information allows a business to have its computers link up to different items in real time. This in turn should make it easy for a business to keep tabs on where things are through a simple computer program.

GPS tracking systems are intriguing solutions that may work for various functions but it is important for businesses to especially be aware of what is open. GPS systems can work well for ensuring that vehicles and other items are moving as well as possible.

Consumer Watch: Beware of GPS systems…

Consumers are being advised to be cautious of GPS systems sold on low cost websites. Typically any provider offering to provide ‘free tracking’ or a monthly fee less than $20 a month is unlikely to be using a secure server.


The reason for this is that a company simply cannot afford to go below the wholesale rates for a radio network connected to the GPS unit, as well as provide a quality tracking server at the same time.


Some companies have been found to be using quality tracking servers shared with international counterparts in Bulgaria, that have security threats. These are often susceptible for DOS attacks and other forms of malicious hacking. In many cases, a GPS tracking server could be easily compromised and your data could be stolen or deleted.


GPS tracking is not an avenue to scrimp on, and consumers should be careful not to go with providers who sacrifice the key components of a reliable server.


What is a Fleet Management System?

A Fleet Management System, usually abbreviated to an “FMS”, is a system in which an individual or business can view all their vehicles live through a software system.

Beakon has an online ‘cloud based’ system, which makes it easy for you to access our system from your own computer via the internet, as well as other places you may regularly login from, for example your colleagues computers, your mobile phone, your home computer, and even your iPad or tablet. Many other companies do not offer an online web system, meaning you can only access the system from your one single computer. The most basic function of a Fleet Management System is the tracking feature. That is, being able to see your vehicles live on a map at one time.

Fleet Management Systems are typically used by businesses to achieve cost reductions and protect their assets, as well as improve business efficiency. In many cases, a GPS tracker will typically pay for itself.

According to research shown by the Berg Institute, there are 4 million fleet management units in Europe today, with hundreds more being used every year in New Zealand and Australia.

The Value of GPS Tracking

There are clear ways to save money and raise efficiency with GPS tracking. GPS tracking brings fantastic benefits for every business. Including:


  • Faster response timesBy always knowing where your vehicles are, you can get them out to job sites or customers faster. You can also relay this information to your customer, so they can get realistic estimated times of arrival.
  • No more mucking about phoning drivers!

If you do the maths and calculate the time spent speaking to drivers, even if you make 3 calls a month to a driver, the system’s monthly cost will likely pay for itself.


  • Preventing unauthorised useUnfortunately, employees often decide to use your vehicles for their own benefit. That is, driving your vehicles and using your fuel for personal use, or heading out to do their own personal activities during their working day. GPS tracking enables you to identify and eradicate unauthorised vehicle use.


  • Responding to Vehicle Crime


Company cars are often targets of vehicle crime. That’s for all sorts – sedans, trucks, vans and the like. Even if you may not realise it, thieves are very interested in getting their hands on your vehicles, equipment, confidential data, and documents. GPS trackers are an invaluable help in the event of vehicle theft.

Consumer Watch: Outrageous Installation Costs

Be careful of GPS tracking options that are using a mixture of overstated installation and monthly charges, to help ‘bring down’ the price of the up front unit.


It can be tempting to find the cheapest option out there, but in the process of doing so, you need to consider what are the


– device costs

– monthly or annual costs

– installation costs


Some companies have been found to charge as much as $50 for a monthly fee per device, as well as $250+ installation per vehicle. These costs DO NOT include the device up front cost. These are outrageous costs that you may only learn about further down the track.


It is helpful to choose a GPS tracking provider that outlines all the charges transparently, so you know what you are paying for.
Also be cautious of companies that only lease the units (despite you paying an up front cost), meaning you never own them.


Beakon has an efficient team process, which balances out these 3 areas of the cost structure, making us one of the most affordable choices in New Zealand and Australia right now. That means no one area of our work costs more than it has to.