8 Things About GPS Trackers That You Did Not Know

GPS tracking systems have caused a lot of uproar inthe modern professional industry. Referred to as GPS trackers, tracking devices, technology and solutions; these devices are advantageous to many businesses. Here are 8 things about GPS trackers that you did not know!

GPS trackers are compact

GPS trackers come in variable shapes and sizes. They are often lightweight and hardly bulky. Vehicle GPS trackers are easy to fit on the car’s dashboard. However, hardwired GPS trackers are fixed onto a car’s electrical system and the driver cannot be aware of its existence.

GPS trackers prevent theft

In the past, you may have been endlessly worried about the security of your fleet of vehicles. In case an unauthorised person tries to access any of your company vehicles or moves it outside a designated zone, the tracker’s alarm sound will go off. As most car thieves often try to hotwire a vehicle, the tracker will send an notification to your call phone after which you can immediately log on to you. In case an unauthorised person tries to break into your car, the tracker will send a notification to your smartphone or computer to activate the ignition disable switch to prevent the vehicle from being stolen.

GPS trackers can be customised

Vehicle GPS trackers can be customised to meet the needs of your businesses. As a company owner, you can be able to set speed thresholds and maintain logs even if the vehicles are out of reach. GPS trackers also set up fuel sensors and allow for wisdom mapping to ensure that the needs of all your businesses are met. These trackers also monitor activities and refer to personal or fleet route reports at any point in time.

GPS trackers give live feeds

If you choose to use a GPS system to monitor your fleet of vehicles, GPS trackers will offer a two way communication. They are the best devices for fleet management as they offer constant surveillance capabilities and ensures that drivers and employees are focused constant surveillance.

GPS trackers are not expensive

Many company owners have misconceptions about the affordability of GPS trackers. Due to the fact that these trackers have a constantly increasing demand, they are currently available in various budgets to suit individuals as well as organisations.

GPS trackers work from anywhere on earth

GPS trackers are not location dependent. It does not matter where you are tracking your fleet of vehicles from, they allow fast and reliable tracking from anywhere within the planet. Most remote business owner fail to invest in tracking solutions because of mis
conceptions about their working capabilities but these devices do not have any restrictions.

GPS trackers are your bet against false claims

There are many instances where vehicle drivers get accused of traffic incidents. As GPS trackers monitor locations at all times, the history logs will act as proof against false claims.

GPS trackers help to reduce insurance costs

If your company has been paying a lot of insurance, it is time to put the excessive money into good use. Good GPS trackers account for generous discounts for companies that are covered by insurance policies.

In a world that is struggling to meet changing demands, companies like Beakon are investing heavily on the provision of the best vehicle GPS trackers. If you cannot pass up these advantages and features, ensure you get a fleet management tracking solution for your company.